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On November 20, 1999, the Bulls had their first Board of Directors retreat--a visioning weekend. Following are recollections and contributions of attendees regarding the history of the club. Some items are historical for the club and some are for the attendees. 

1975 - The Bulls Soccer Club was started by Stanley H.C. Pao, Tri Nguyen, Tui Nguyen, Pinsoon Tenzing and Jack Sullivan.

Joined later by Rick Beckner, Frank Doyle and Georgeanne Derby (girls).

Past Presidents included:  Stan Pao, Rick Beckner, Frank Doyle, Fred Smoot, Gordon Pang, Herb Schreiner, Jorge Barbosa, Joel Weiner, Jeff Carlson and Coe Atherton. Current President is Ken Perske.

Head Coaches have included:  Pinsoon Tenzing, Frank Doyle, Kinny Gleason, Brian Murton and Matt Sneider. The current Director of Coaching is Philip Neddo.

Les Aubrey joined the Bulls in the 80s during Rick Beckner's term. In 1984 Emi Arnold's oldest daughter Jennifer was a member of "Pegasus". Mitch D'Olier joined the club in 1985 as an assistant coach. In 1986 Bulls Club began their program of helping coaches pay to obtain their licensing.  In this period the club was described as being "loosely affiliated". Coaches controlled teams and age groups. The focus of the club was on success by winning. Many Bulls players ended up playing in college. Renowned soccer coach and writer Karl Dewazein (Fundamentals series of youth coaching books) came to Hawaii and made a lasting impression on Bulls coaches. Kathy Sthay joined the club with "Thundering Herd". The Bulls club opened up to the public more. Frank Doyle and Herb Schreiner had eight U8 teams. In 1987 John Semenza joined the club as a coach. In 1989 Jeff Carlson's son Matt joined with Coach Randy Rogers. During that time players were selected by invitation. Coaches recall Kae'o Furtalo as one of the top players of this time. Ed & Lori Treschuk's son Yuri joined the club in 1989 also. 

About 1990 President Frank Doyle organized mandatory Managers Meetings. Frank also offered training and coaches development. President Jorge Barbosa's project was for the club to obtain a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status. During the early 90s the club went back to the coaches, little club activity and teams went back to loose affiliations. In 1994 girls teams were formed again. In 1994 Coach Scott Ezer and Manager/Asst Coach Coe Atherton brought in their AYSO team to the club. Frank Doyle started U6s in the Club. In 1995 Colleen and Alson Inaba joined the club with sons Adam and Andrew. In 1996 Glenn and Violet Anderson joined when son Lee played for Alson with Andrew on the Jam-a-Bulls. Ken Perske and son Scott joined in 1996 also. Craig Sullivan became involved when Chris joined John Semenza's team. Coach Michael Guidry (Fly) joined the Bulls and later introduced Phil Neddo to the club. Team Magyar (Steve, Sue, Andy, Jackson, and Olivia) joined in 1997.  Coach Jacob Blanchard also joined the club. In 1998 the Garibaldi's joined after their son was asked to guest play. 

In 1998 Bulls Board Members (Roger & Jenai Wall, Lisa Munger, Randy Hiraki, Robin Markle, John Williamson and Ken Perske), with the approval of the coaches, hired Director of Coaching Philip Neddo. The goal was a vision of developing a "model club". In 1998 Iris Fujimoto's daughter was invited by Coach Les to join his team. Iris like many others was appreciative of the level of coaching in the Bulls (e.g., "Fast Footwork"). In 1999 Shanna Haines moved from Bakersfield CA and joined the coaching staff. Michael Langley and sons Dylan and Morgan joined the club. In the fall of 1999 Mike Tavepholjalern started the first e-mail group list and created the first website with Bulls information. Glenn  Anderson started this website in November of 1999.

November 1999, Scott Ezer and Ed Treschuk, organized the first board retreat with head facilitator Donna Ching.

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